A&A 2017

New music:
1/1/17: Corner Suns, Corner Suns

1/3/17: Matt Townsend, The Drifter and the Dream (Part 1) EP

1/5/17: The Argonauts, Here Come the Argonauts!

1/7/17: Jouska, topiary

1/9/17: Mike Stanley, Shiner

1/11/17: Scott Taylor, Blues Kitchen

1/13/17: Joseph Israel, Paradise

1/16/17: Nomad Stones, Neighborhood Bird Dispute EP

1/18/17: K-Syran, Smoke in My Veins

1/20/17: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Nonagon Infinity

1/24/17: Miss Sophie Lee & the Parish Suites, Traverse This Universe

1/27/17: Nick Moss Band, From the Root to the Fruit 2xCD

1/30/17: Tobin Sprout, The Universe and Me

2/2/17: Various Artists, I Said No Doctors! 2xLP

2/6/17: Andrew Joslyn, Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean

2/9/17: Morricone Youth, Mad Max re-score

2/13/17: Colin Onderdonk, Proximity Effect EP

2/16/17: Gentoo, Structures

2/20/17: John Wesley Coleman III, Microwave Dreams

2/23/17: Blak Emoji, Intro EP

2/27/17: Cala Vento, Fruto Panorama

3/2/17: The Magnifiers, For the People EP

3/6/17: Blu ACiD, HCN EP

3/12/17: Floating Opera, Pop Song on the Elevator Down

3/14/17: Evil Triplet, Otherworld

3/16/17: Son of the Velvet Rat, Dorado

3/20/17: Go Fever, Go Fever

3/22/17: Cowards, Teeth

3/24/17: HundredMillionThousand, LP1

3/26/17: Edward + Jane, As Family We Gather EP

3/28/17: Knife in the Water, Reproduction

3/30/17: Super Snake, Leap of Love

4/2/17: Date Night with Brian, Summertime EP

4/4/17: Giganto, Latigo Canta

4/6/17: Ryan Summers, F51.01

4/10/17: Thelma, Thelma

4/14/17: Vaureen, Violence EP

4/17/17: The Variety Hour, Motivacancy EP

4/19/17: Beau + Luci, Fire Dancer EP

4/21/17: The Spirit of the Beehive, Pleasure Suck

4/24/17: Aeriae, Peril Triage EP

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