Danish deconstruction

Four lengthy pieces that bridge the gap between Teutonic new wave and Scandinavian art rock. And that doesn't account for the improbable accessibility of these songs. Indeed, the strident sound of these songs (sung in Danish) might sound a bit harsh at first. But the insistent rhythms soften the edges, and what's left is a kinetic, if sometimes chilly, ride.

Folder EP
(Tough Love)

If you want to get out of the E.U. for your references, think Bauhaus with just a bit of a New Order chaser. Lød does not craft anthems, but it does have a knack for a twisty hook. And the raga-like song construction is very, very much like Bauhaus. Except for the electronic percussion, of course.

A lot of electronics, both at the core and in the periphery. Lød isn't afraid to lay down some serious atmosphere. Fans of Trans Am and other 90s post-punk acts (Don Cab also comes to mind) will undoubtedly find some familiar points of entry.

I have no idea where Lød goes from here. Perhaps the band trends more toward the Sigur Ros side of things, focusing more on the extravagance of wigging out. Or maybe it moves more toward New Order, crafting pop songs with a different perspective. That it had such options is impressive. But even more so is the notion that whatever it does, Lød is almost certain to continue to impress. There's a lot here in four songs.

Jon Worley

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