Northern southern rock

Like most Brooklyn bands, A Valley Son's members are from somewhere else. Virginia and points south, which is perhaps the least surprising thing here. This quartet plays ringing southern rock resplendent with lean lead guitar licks and shaggy harmonies. Kinda like a few other bands with similar memberships.

A Valley Son
But the World Moves

Indeed, these boys manage to step gently on the trail between Cracker and Drive-By Truckers. There's a nice loosey-goosey feel to the songs, but the bones are well-crafted. Earnest, but not overly so.

The production sound is more of the raw and muscular feel that I identify with Wrinkle Neck Mules (another Virginia-ish band). I wouldn't exactly call this a "live" sound, but the idea certainly seems to have been something along those lines. In any case, this debut album is certainly a strong recommendation for catching a show.

There's not a lot of innovation here, but the songs blast by with the smoothness of bourbon over ice. I don't know what the future holds, but I'll keep my ears ready for another set from these boys. Most invigorating.

Jon Worley

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