Savvy surf

Psychedelic rockabilly (though decidedly not "psychobilly", which is something else entirely) instrumental acts are hard to come by. Probably for good reason.

The Argonauts
Here Come the Argonauts!

So in that way it's a bit hard to judge the Argonauts against their peers. Then again, with songs like these, any existing peers would probably melt away. These trippy, searing tracks are a complete joy.

The Argonauts add a bit of garage surfer dude to the musical lexicon, and that lightness diffuses any potential menace from the clouds of distortion. The loopy keyboards (almost Moog-style at times) enhance this playful feel.

Some albums are just plain fun. The Argonauts didn't set out to create the next great album. They just put together a large passel of songs that scream good times. I could write a long and complicated review for this set, but honestly, simplicity is called for here. The Argonauts are what they are: great balls of fun.

Jon Worley

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