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Noel Jon describes himself as a Persian-Filipino artist. Who lives in Edmonton. That's an unusual combination, but not nearly as unusual as his music. Jon incorporates a wide variety of styles and sounds in his electronic works. On half the tracks, he drafts MCs to drop in some vocals. But instead of dropping the music into the background, he uses the raps as another instrument.


If you've read me at all over the last 25+ years, you know that I believe everything should serve the music. So, of course, I think Jon has his priorities completely correct. He also is a spectacular editor. Most of these tracks come in at around three minutes or less. Get in, make your point, then get out. Perfect.

That Jon definitely exists in the experimental wing of the electronic party makes his brevity that much more impressive. Some of the tracks seem like they end just as they set a scene, but listen a few times and the depth comes into focus. The artistic fervor is so strong that I wish he went on a bit longer. Again, the perfect approach. Always leave 'em wanting more.

HundredMillionThousand isn't destined for great fame. At least, Noel Jon isn't likely to make his mark with this project. But he's got obvious producing chops, and he creates addictive sounds that I've never heard before. The right people will hear this, and you might see a few folks making their way up to ConnorMcDavidLand to score some of Jon's talents. At least, in a just world you would. Quietly spectacular.

Jon Worley

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