Punk down under power

So if Bob Mould quit Husker Du and took a job fronting the Cult (never mind the myriad of problems that poses), you're in the ballpark. This Australian sounds well-versed in the buzzsaw rock of the late 80s, and he takes that mantle and mashes the pedal.

Ivan Beecroft

Okay, so this is no Land Speed Record. Think more Sugar, really, with a heavier guitar attack. Beecroft tends to subscribe to the "more is more" theory of songwriting, so there's usually an additionally guitar lick jammed in. I'm good with that.

I've read a lot of Australian press, and it is astonishingly adulatory, almost past the point of pedantry, really. This is a very good album, and it's quite possible that it will stand up to a multitude of listens. But it's not the second coming of anything. And Beecroft's writing isn't without a hiccup here and there. "She Said" is a midtempo rocker plunked down in the middle of this set, and while it's nice enough, it just doesn't fit.

But I get the need to vary the approach. Full steam straight ahead works until the engine breaks down. It's much better to give ears a break now and again. Beecroft isn't interested in breaking the mold. He's just trying to adjust it to suit his needs. And the results are stirring.

Jon Worley

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