Y'know, the sound that isn't . . .

I don't think anyone remembers the early 90s, when "emo" was split into two camps: one highly meditative and the other vaguely-atonal and rhythm-driven. Mineral is a good example of the former, while Texas Is the Reason and Jawbreaker are quite different examples of the latter.

Junior Astronomers
Body Language

Junior Astronomers retain the rhythmic focus of primordial emo, but they also throw in some solid math-y hooks. The sound is decidedly kinetic, and those twisty earworms enhance that effect.

Dead Nostalgia was a fine appetizer, but this is the real deal. Junior Astronomers have grown significantly in the last couple of years, and the more expansive sound of these songs is a welcome treat.

I'm flashing back to what I remember as an Edsel/Jawbox show at some hole in St. Pete back in 1994 or 1995. I could be wrong about the lineup, but not the sound. Loud, creative and decidedly propulsive. Junior Astronomers are a modern band, but the boys aren't ashamed of their roots. A fine step forward.

Jon Worley

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