Sydney-based Wade Clarke is that unusual electronic artist who likes to perform. In front of people. This EP is his first music to be recorded with future live performances in mind. To take this a few steps down the road, these songs just might be recognizable from the stage.

Peril Triage EP
(Clan Analogue)

But all that is something of a red herring. What really strikes me is how Aeriae fuses the intellectual ferment of the ambient with much more structured and rhythmic sounds. There is a constant motion, making contemplation of these pieces something you could do while working out. This stuff will get you moving.

The forceful melodic focus also moves these songs a bit more toward the mainstream. Much like a heavier Tangerine Dream, Aeriae lets the underlying rhythms flit about while finding the best support structure for the melodic elements.

There's nothing like music that excites the mind, body and soul. This gapless set from Aeriae is breathtaking in almost as many ways as I can imagine.

Jon Worley

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