Re-score, and then some

Morricone Youth has been burbling around New York for almost two decades. This collective, which includes (and has included) folks who have been in such disparate bands as Palomar, Creedle, Pain Teens and Crash Worship, often performs original compositions for the presentation of silent movies. In the last year, it has recorded reimagined soundtracks for more recent movies.

Morricone Youth
Mad Max
(Country Club)

I was really knocked out by the band's electro-apocalyptic set for Night of the Living Dead, but this effort outdoes even that. If you're old enough to remember the raw-edged power of the original Mad Max (featuring an impossibly skinny and brilliantly deranged Mel Gibson), these songs will transport you to that world post haste.

There's no need to rewatch the movie, as this soundtrack tells you all you need to know. Of course, you should check it out, as it is one of the most vital and kinetic movies of the last 50 years. In saying that, this propulsive set of keyboard-driven, rhythmically-propulsive songs simply does not let up.

One might ask why so many ultra-talented musicians would create new music for old movies. The answer seems simple enough to me: Because it's fun. And there's something about seeing the inspiration while listening that enhances the entire experience. I could get all high-falutin' and wax on about the interconnectedness of art and such, but that's not necessary.

The brilliance of this music is apparent, with or without the movie. Take a dip, and you'll find you might not want to leave at all.

Jon Worley

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