Wacktoid that works

Imagine the Wrens playing Captain Beefheart . . . no, really! The Spirit of the Beehive grafts just about every sort of musical whatnot on top of a laptop-esque rhythm section, and then ties all the pieces up into a pretty bow.

The Spirit of the Beehive
Pleasure Suck
(Tiny Engines)

Or not so pretty. Depends on the song. There are some very Creedle-y moments here, and more than a few passing references to 80s Flying Lips. You might notice a trend in my references. This album does not sound like it was recorded in this millennium.

It would fit in nicely with the mid-90s wacko-pop explosion, and it truly does not seem to have much footing in the music world of today. Which is precisely why it might be utterly visionary. Of course, I'm not interested in that. I'm much more interested in the way that the Spirit of the Beehive subverts its own interests.

I'm sure these fine Philly folks could play a straight pop song, but that wouldn't be nearly as exciting as what is actually on this set. Resolutely dissolute, this sucker slouches toward Babylon with abandon.

Jon Worley

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