The outer limits

Sometimes I love this job. Tom Tolleson of Dymaxion Groove decided it would be cool to put together a compilation of works from people who either deconstruct traditional instruments or make new ones entirely. Some names you probably know (Jad Fair, David Grubbs) and some you probably don't.

Various Artists
I Said No Doctors! 2xLP
(Dymaxion Groove)

This very limited edition set (100 copies total) encompasses a breadth of sound I haven't heard in possible forever. That isn't surprising, as the point of the project was to find some of the most experimental uses of instruments ever put to tape. But the range of styles (a couple of these pieces are almost poppy) is almost as impressive as the astonishing sounds found here.

Perhaps the ultimate "music critic clickbait" album, this set is certainly catnip for the adventurous ear. It's not pretty, and it's certainly not easy listening. But if your mind is ever in need of inspiration, there's plenty to be had here.

This sucker might well be sold out before this review sees the light of day. So be it. You know it exists. And those who have it will guard its wisdom greedily. Truly something else.

Jon Worley

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