Team holler

You've got to like a band that lists its members by instrument and then says "Everybody -- sing". Indeed. Ephrata is one of those group vocal indie pop bands that isn't too tight with the harmonies. Well, except in the occasionally drone-like guitars. The six-strings are always aware of each other.


And truthfully, Skadi von Reis and Jules Jones (the "all-girl" part of the "Seattle's best all-girl and all-guy shoegaze dream pop band" description on the band's website), handle most of the vocals. But the guys get to croon occasionally.

The band shares my predilection for precision in musical, rather than vocal, matters. These songs are well-crafted, and the warm edges come from the slightly-offhanded singing. The songs themselves generally stick to the midtempo, though this is not my (or your father's) shoegaze. Ephrata isn't afraid to kick an ass or two when necessary.

It's easy to fall in love with Ephrata at first listen. It took me a while to be sure that this was more than a passing fancy. It's not. This band will stick with you long after lust's first blush.

Jon Worley

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