On all cylinders

Sometimes I'm mystified by my attraction to a particular album. Not so with Corner Suns. Taking a healthy dollop of Touch and Go-style rhythmic dissonance, a large handful of Shin-ny pop meandering and finishing it off with stellar indie-pop hooks, this sucker pretty much hits all of my pleasure centers dead center.

Corner Suns
Corner Suns
(Idol Records)

While these songs are largely tightly-wound pop gems, this Dallas-based duo isn't afraid to skip through the weeds at times. Perfection is not an ideal; nor is it ideal. Our flaws are what make us beautiful, and Corner Suns fully subscribe to that notion.

My only real complaint is that this set doesn't really build on itself. Having scrambled the sequencing a few times, I didn't really come up with an order that worked better. These are eclectic, busy pop songs that often don't have much to do with each other past the sound.

In the end, I was too entranced by the individual parts to worry too much about that. Corner Suns make glorious sound, and that makes me smile. These days, smiling cannot be discounted.

Jon Worley

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