Killer V

Andrea Horne and Marianne Do have been working out Vaureen for a few years, but it wasn't until 2015 that the band actually recorded any music. An EP. This is Vaureen's second EP, a three-track marvel that puts the lie to the notion that more songs are always better.

Violence EP

Well, more songs like this would be great, of course. Vaureen's combination of power, fuzz and spacey psychedelia is immediately arresting, and I can say it stays on the shelf quite nicely as well. I think I'm more in love now than on my first listen.

No matter what is crashing across the surface, Horne and Do make sure to keep an undercurrent alive as well. There's always something else going on, a sly counterpoint to the sheer power of the songs.

Eight songs in two-plus years isn't a lot. But in Vaureen's case, it sure is filling. Not that I wouldn't kill for a full set, of course. I'll take this appetizer with a side of anticipation for the future.

Jon Worley

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