Moving forward

I am always thrilled to hear new music from Peter Adams. He has one of the most distinct voices (both figuratively and literally) in music. What kind of music? Exactly.

Peter Adams
Queen of the Attic

I'm not sure exactly what sort of training Adams has, but he builds his songs around piano that is grounded in classical theory. There are plenty of proggy elements on the periphery (and this album sounds a lot more like mid-career Flaming Lips than earlier efforts), but even his noodling flows from the romantics (Beethoven, etc.)

One key to listening to Adams is patience. This album, like the others I've heard, starts with a meditative palate cleanser. And even more than previous efforts, this set takes a while to unfold (thus, songs with titles like "Glow," "Dissolve" and "Radiator."). Adams is not in a hurry, and that makes the album all the richer.

And while I do like the meanders, I have always preferred the songs where Adams leaps into almost frantic flights of fancy. Those are fewer here; the title of this album is informative. At times, Adams sounds like he's folding into himself. I find myself intrigued, but it is a tougher sell for my ears.

This is an album about curiosity, not abandon. Adams keeps his songs tightly wound in their introspective world, and I must admit that I spent more time than usual finding entry points. The melodic creativity is still amazing, and he does whirl and twirl from time to time. Adams simply went to a slightly different part of his mind for this album. Subtly amazing.

Jon Worley

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