Short is good

Just to get this out of the way first, you can grab this EP for free on Bandcamp: https://nomadstones.bandcamp.com/album/neighborhood-bird-dispute-ep

Do it. Then we can talk.

Nomad Stones
Neighborhood Bird Dispute EP
(Brutal Panda)

Got it? Okay. It's brief; two two-minute originals and a Bowie cover. It's saying something when the Bowie track is the weakest. Nomad Stones' buzzsaw punk attack works better on its own material. And that's a complement.

There's just enough melody and propulsive rhythm to make these songs peppy. Not poppy, per se, but there is a vague awareness of pop construction. In any case, enough accessibility to bring smiles.

Brief release, brief review. Nomad Stones released its first album in early 2016. Here's to a full follow-up in the very near future. Bombs away!

Jon Worley

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