Craze 'n' daze

Reminds me a lot of the ol' Chainsaw Kittens, though much heavier on the stoner rock (and without a singer in drag, of course). Still, stripped-down psychedelia warped out with maximum attitude and just the right amount of haze.

Super Snake
Leap of Love
(The Same Ghost Collective)

And I kinda like the whipsaw between the straight psychedelic, the sleaze and the stoner riffage. It's pretty glorious when the band throws all three into the pot, but dropping one (or even two) from time to time really livens things up.

Energy is the key. Super Snake is not particularly crafted and certainly doesn't keep its surfaces clean. Indeed, much of the album is a mesmerizing mess. But the ever-churning rhythm section ensures attention from any sentient being within fifty feet.

I liked this sucker from the first few chords, but I took my time, making sure that infatuation would blossom into love. It did, of course. Sometimes you just know.

Jon Worley

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