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Holy King Crimson, Batman! It's a new Tera Melos album!

Okay, so that's way too simplistic, but the guitar on the first track, "System Preferences" (and, what the hell, the song title itself) is positively Frippian. The full band itself is much more noodly (in a math way) and kinetic (in a can't-help-rushing punk way), but those chords, man. Primal.

Tera Melos
Trash Generator
(Sargent House)

These boys aren't afraid to head out into a good falsetto drone (a la OLD), either. In short, Tera Melos is the epitome of technical, ultra-crafted rock. And yet, its songs are often slinky and mischievous. Such is the glory and mystery of this trio, which has amped up the sound and pared down the histrionics over the years to end up in this wonderful space. Still not particularly accessible, but awfully engaging on so many levels.

Most of you are probably thinking, "Why haven't you mentioned Ween yet?" No good reason. That's another obvious touchpoint, though I'd reach back to Brainiac for an even better comparison. It really doesn't matter the names; what matters is the company Tera Melos keeps. And increasingly, that company is legendary.

If you are even slightly interested in how far the concept of rock can be stretched, Tera Melos will do you a solid. This is not music for the masses, but it sure will nourish parched souls.

Jon Worley

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