Take your punishment

Back in the day (y'know, 20 years ago or so), there was metal, there was punk, there was Fear Factory and there was something called extreme hardcore. Earth Crisis is my particular favorite of these bands (later, the name would lose the "hardcore" part and shift subtly in sound), and I've missed hearing it as often as I used to do.

The Great Year

Direwolves are definitely in the new(er) school of the sound, but they still retail some of the hardcore. There are also black metal elements in the guitars (though, thankfully, no keyboards) and some occasional random chaos which reminds me of Refused. But in no way would you (or should you) confuse these boys with punks of any sort.

Nope, this is straight up extreme--the metal version. I haven't heard such a solid palate-cleanser in years. These songs cut with extreme prejudice, blister by at sometimes astonishing paces and yet manage the occasional anthemic peak. That's one hell of a trick.

Make no mistake: This stuff is loud, mean and incorruptible. If you're looking for introspection or solace, Direwolves will stomp on your head and piss on your face. But don't blame them. That's just an evolutionary imperative. I approve wholeheartedly.

Jon Worley

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