Inward and outgoing

I suppose shoegazer americana indie pop isn't a thing yet. Perhaps Jesse Terry will change that.

Jesse Terry

I spent a lot more time than usual with this album. Its warm approachability was immediately apparent, but I had plenty of questions about the depth. Repeat listens do, in fact bring a fuller and wider appreciation.

Part of it is the genre-blending that Terry engages in. Anyone who could open for Galaxie 500, the Jayhawks or Arcade Fire with ease obviously knows how to blend ideas into a song. The sure-handed performances on this set are proof that Terry understands that presentation is just as important.

Do not be fooled by the easy-going, spacey title (and first) track. It's great, but the album that unfolds is so much more impressive. This one was built for the long haul.

Jon Worley

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