Into the roar

The shoddy production makes this sound like it was actually recorded in a garage, but my guess is Leather Girls (comprised of three guys and a girl, but you know. . .) pinned the needles on purpose. Not that there are any needles in production studios these days, but now I'm really digressing.

Leather Girls
Leather Girls
(Yippie Ki Yay)

Leather Girls inspires such musings, though. This blistering, streetwalking, bluesy rock attack comes on with a fury and never relents. And yet I found myself contemplative throughout. Perhaps it's the heavy dollop of psychedelia (the band is from Austin), or maybe the rush is so intense that I had to pull back.

Dunno. What I can say is that this album is one long search-and-destroy mission. I'm not sure exactly what the target might be (boring music?), but there's a heavy feeling of intent. The focus is almost oppressive. Or maybe that's just the overpowering musk of the sound.

Basic sound is one thing. Leather Girls use a prehistoric sound to create a post-modern master. This sucker is going to rumble for a long time.

Jon Worley

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