New old Northwest

There was a time that Seattle was known for fuzzy blister pop. Or even not so fuzzy, if you want to include the Young Fresh Fellows. But bands like Boise-transplant Treepeople and Built to Spill pioneered a particular style of 90s indie rock. That sound hasn't entirely gone away, and Date Night with Brian is happy to plug in.

Date Night with Brian
Summertime EP
(Top Drawer)

Short, snappy and fuzzed to the brim, the five tracks on this set are aggressively sunny, the perfect antidote to a national malaise. Clocking in at about 11 minutes in all, Summertime begs to be put on repeat.

After about 20 listens, I can say that it hasn't gotten old yet. This three-piece has tapped into a classic sound and warped it to its demands. The results are utterly blissful. I'd say more, but there's really no point. Spectacular, and then some.

Jon Worley

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