Just a glimpse

Beau + Luci take backwoods americana sounds and flow them into modern, electro-rock rhythms. Y'know, like the albums Emmylou Harris did with Daniel Lanois. Actually, a lot like that, though a bit heavier. There's even a strikingly uptempo (yet still largely a capella) rendition of "Deeper Well" here, so the ladies are clearly as smitten with those albums as just about everyone else.

Beau + Luci
Fire Dancer EP

What's more impressive is that this set doesn't fare too badly in the comparison. There's more rock guitar, and no one is able to channel steely ethereality like Harris. But these songs are solidly written, and Beau + Luci infuse their vocals with enough soul to keep the sound from getting generic.

Still, another step or two in any direction, and I could see myself losing interest. This could pop out into much less interesting territory, and the rootsy accouterments could simply become cheap window dressing. Right now they're integral to the sound; that's where they should stay.

The more I listen, the more I simply hope Beau + Luci stay true to their influences and don't compromise too much for fame. There's something here. I hope it continues to be nourished.

Jon Worley

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