Finding the range

If you expected more indie rock bliss from this Omaha outfit, you will come away from this album just a bit disappointed. Omaha's See Through Dresses have shifted into a more shimmery, contemplative sound, something that is hammered home with the diffuse opening track, "Diamonds."

See Through Dresses
Horse of the Other World
(Tiny Engines)

And while the "old" (if you can say that about a band which has two albums to its name) sound was punchy and pretty awesome, I have to applaud the evolution here. See Through Dresses are trying to grow, and this is simply a way station.

What is most encouraging is how complex the sound has become. This isn't simply "shoegaze" or "dream rock" or whatever. There's plenty of the kick from the band's first album. It's just been augmented by more.

Yes, sometimes, "more" is too much. But not yet for these folks. See Through Dresses has plenty of room to expand its palette. This solid set brings plenty of joy on its own, but mostly it begs the question: "What's next?" I'd certainly like to hear.

Jon Worley

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