Two from Iberia

Almost everything I can find about this band is in Spanish, which is fine by me. It gives me a chance to argue with my boys about proper translation. As near as I can tell, this duo is from Spain (BCore is in Barcelona), and they play some pretty outstanding guitar and drum indie pop.

Cala Vento
Fruto Panorama

To reiterate: (largely) non-distorted guitar and drums. And some raggedy harmonies. That's it. A simple recipe, and one that any manner of folks mess up all the time. Cala Vento uses those simple bones to create a relative avalanche of sound. There are the occasional string overdubs and maybe some bass here and there, but the simple structure remains.

The songs themselves are almost impossibly infectious. It's not necessary to understand Spanish to get what's going on here. Passion and joy roll off this album in sheets.

This album starts off with the shimmer of a sunny afternoon, and it doesn't really let go of that feel. There are the requisite ups and downs, but happiness is not optional. It's a requirement.

Jon Worley

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