Euro-American dance

A couple of Dutch guys who slice-and-dice American roots music into an EDM base. Sometimes more bluesy, sometimes more soul, sometimes more electronic. This set compiles six singles that the band put out over the last couple of years. It should be more than enough to put you into a trance.

Blu ACiD
(Black and Tan)

As each song unfolds, more and more wonder flows. I missed out on the first full-length set from these guys, but I'm definitely going back to see what the hell that was. 'Cause if it's anything like this, there's some serious amazement going on.

The most mind-bending thing here is the ability to merge an electronic rhythm section with completely authentic 60's-style soul. It's almost as if Otis Redding and Daft Punk had a baby. In the most organic way possible.

There's more than something going on. Blu ACiD is mixing up a storm, and I can't wait to hear more. Pretty wild.

Jon Worley

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