Smoke? Psych!

I know there's a difference between space rock and stoner rock (in short, Hawkwind vs. Black Sabbath), but modern practicioners tend to blur the lines. Evil Triplet is an excellent example, as this may be the band's first album, but its members draw from more disparate parts of Austin's music scene.

Evil Triplet
(Super Secret)

Singer Steve Marsh is known for his work with Terminal Mind, which hit the Texas punk scene (perhaps more accurately, created the Texas punk scene) almost 40 years ago. His bandmates come from a variety of Austin acts (My Education, Primordial Undermind, etc.), and that depth of experience and influences gives some heft to these songs.

The bass is pretty much straight rolling Geezer Butler, while the tempos are more of a spacey languor. Marsh vocals have power, but don't get too aggressive. A high school teacher of mine once described the Sabs as five minutes of kick ass jams, with a few lyrics dropped in now and again. Much of this album has that classic flow.

This is no reinvention or even significant refinement. It's just a journey through some trippy, heavy sounds. I can go for that.

Jon Worley

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