Bendy, and then some

This Austin group noodles its way around percussion and electronics in just about every way imaginable. If the idea of drums, vibes, keyboard and other electronic effects whipping around math-like structures sounds even remotely appealing, this set is golden.

The Kraken Quartet
Separate | Migrate

Shimmery, propulsive and often strikingly beautiful, the songs on this album are hardly the prog nerd fare you might imagine. The melodies are inviting, and the chill down/get moving dichotomy is a wonderful tension that is rarely resolved.

Some touchpoints might include Tortoise and a brilliant combination of the High Llamas and Trans Am (I saw both bands at one show once, and I thought it was a bizarre pairing; apparently not). The use of "Quartet" lends something of a classical air to the band, though I think that probably applies to the musical training of the musicians rather than their output here. This is a lot more Zappa than Dvorak.

Occasionally wiggy, but never obtuse. The Kraken Quartet makes music that stimulates the mind and soul. There are many entry points, but no exits. Once you enter this world, you're trapped. And you won't mind a bit.

Jon Worley

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