The old young man is getting old

I haven't caught up with Mike Younger in ages. I've been listening to his first two albums as often as about anything else over the past decade and a half (or so), but nothing new came my way. I understand I missed a studio set some time back, but when this arrived I sure was pleased to give it a whirl.

Mike Younger
Little Folks Like You and Me

Younger sings songs about people. People caught up in forces greater than themselves. People who aren't on top. He's a "cause" guy. His music flows directly from the Band, and his voice is not unlike Robbie Robertson's. There is a familiarity there that makes this comforting (or slightly unnerving, depending on your take).

The music itself hits all the right notes and is never quite overwhelmed by the lyrics. The old novelist adage serves musicians well. So many artists try too hard to say something; Younger uses his lyrics to show things. These small stories are perfect for amplification into something larger.

Okay, so this didn't surprise me. It didn't disappoint, either. Another strong effort of passionate songs about the struggle. While Younger certainly can be filed under "americana", his roots flow farther back. He's not a child of the 60s (And neither am I, by a few months), but he's got the vibe down cold. Perhaps take a little less time before the next one, eh?

Jon Worley

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