A&A 2016

New music:
1/4/16: Advance Base, Nephew in the Wild

1/11/16: af Scherp, I Woke Up

1/19/16: Delta Deep, Delta Deep

1/22/16: Bandit/Triathlon/Ivadell/Slow and Steady, Everything Melts Eventually Vol. 1

1/25/16: Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus

1/28/16: Chelsea, Anthology Vol. 1

2/1/16: The Black Ships, Dead Empires

2/4/16: Shirlette Ammons, Language Barrier

2/8/16: The By Gods, Get On Feelings

2/11/16: Bobgoblin, Love Lost for Blood Lust

2/18/16: The Blue Stones, Black Holes

2/22/16: Giulia Rozzi, True Love

2/25/16: Chris Storrow, The Ocean's Door

2/29/16: Shapes on Tape, No Bummers EP

3/3/16: Ship Thieves, No Anchor

3/7/16: The Black Watch, Highs & Lows

3/14/16: We Are Temporary, Crossing Over

3/17/16: Reaches, I Am Alive and Well

3/21/16: Andy Ferro, Muirhead

3/28/16: Cult of the Lost Cause, Contritions

4/4/16: The Heroic Enthusiasts, Memory Wheel EP

4/7/16: Esquela, Canis Majoris

4/11/16: Muncie Girls, From Caplan to Belsize

4/15/16: Sleepwreck, Disasterpiece EP

4/18/16: Relick, Twin House EP

4/21/16: Mortiis, The Great Deceiver

4/25/16: Say No! to Architecture, SN!TA

4/25/16: Bür Gür, Have You Lost Your Faith in God?

5/3/16: American Killers, Young Blood

5/6/16: Dam Gila, Face the Sun EP
Save the Clocktower, Taboo EP

5/9/16: Heidemann, Detectives EP
James Bishop, Bad Dream EP

5/16/16: Christov, 't Leven & Werk van Pilske Donders

5/19/16: James Houlahan, Multitudes

5/26/16: Gris-de-Lin, The Kick EP

6/2/16: Kool Stuff Katie, It's Fine

6/6/16: Tetherball, Physical Violins EP

6/9/16: Fallon Cush, Bee in Your Bonnet

6/16/16: Jim Lampos, Entangled States

6/20/16: Anna Tivel, Heroes Waking Up

6/23/16: The Philistines, The Backbone of Night

6/27/16: The Hotelier, Goodness

6/30/16: Daniel G. Harmann, Slowing Down

7/11/16: Diamond Head, Diamond Head

7/14/16: The Accidentals, Parking Lot EP

7/18/16: Knola, To the Rhythm

7/25/16: Yves Lambert Trio, Laissez Courir Les Chiens

7/28/16: Worsel Strauss, Tako Tsubo

8/1/16: Jon Lindsay, Cities & Schools

8/4/16: Matt Bennett, Terminal Cases

8/8/16: Begowatts, Photoelectric

8/11/16: Night School, Blush

8/15/16: Look Mexico, Uniola

8/22/16: Danielle French, Miss Scarlett and the Mad Men: Dark Love Songs

8/25/16: Manwomanchild, Awkward Island

8/29/16: Sunset Harbinger, Finally Home EP

9/1/16: Júníus Meyvant, Floating Harmonies

9/5/16: Chet Vincent and the Big Bend, Celebrate

9/8/16: The By Gods, Phone Calls EP
People and Stars, People and Stars EP

9/12/16: The Qualia, Cotillion Knives

9/15/16: Jake Meadows, Good Company EP

9/19/16: The Heroic Enthusiasts, The Second Three EP
Halycine, In the Salt EP

9/23/16: Birdtalker, Just This EP

9/26/16: Apologies, I Have None, Pharmacie

9/28/16: Lisa Redfern, Chickadee

9/30/16: Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers, True Believer

10/3/16: Goblin Cock, Necronomidonkeykongimicon

10/6/16: Los Kingdom, The Patron Saint

10/10/16: Henry Kaiser/Alan Licht, Skip to the Solo

10/13/16: Slow Down Molasses, 100% Sunshine

10/17/16: No One Mind, No One Mind

10/20/16: Reconnaissance Fly, Off By One EP

10/24/16: The Bronzed Chorus, Summering

10/27/16: Tanya Gallagher, Virginia

10/31/16: The Black Black, Adjusted I EP

11/03/16: Bridges and Powerlines, National Fantasy

11/07/16: Phil Gammage, Used Man for Sale

11/10/16: Curse of Lono, Curse of Lono EP

11/17/16: Earwig, Pause for the Jets

11/21/16: Duotang, New Occupation

11/28/16: St. Van Cortlandt, The Lion Tree EP

12/1/16: Handgrenades, Tunnels

12/5/16: Mannequin Pussy, Romantic
No Nets, Bright Light

12/8/16: Air Credits, Broadcasted

12/15/16: Billy Momo, Seven Rivers Wild

12/19/16: All Them Witches, Live in Brussels

12/22/16: Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra, Uniting Beats
Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, Make America Great Again

12/29/16: Harvey Mandel, Snake Pit

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