Felix Bechtolscheimer is probably best known for his work with Hey Negrita. Curse of Lono is his new project. Curse of Lono began as a collaboration with Oli Bayston, but it has fleshed itself out as a full-fledged band. And with a lot of music in the can (or so it is claimed), this four-song set is a taste of things to come.

Curse of Lono
Curse of Lono EP
(Submarine Cat)
One can only hope. The base of these songs remains solidly entrenched in UK americana (roots music being perhaps our finest export to the old country), but Dani Ruiz Hernandez's keyboards add a welcome expansion to the sound.

These songs also serve as the soundtrack to a short film (which consists of related videos for these songs). I don't know what to make of that, except to say the wide range and open feel of these songs is perfect for the visual medium.

If there's more where this came from, then let's get the ball in motion, okay? I've heard enough to know that I need a lot more. Curse of Lono has a fine pedigree, but the music is what truly burnishes its star.

Jon Worley

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