Reminiscent of . . . itself

As soon as this kicked off, I thought to myself, "Jesus, this sounds just like Adventures of Jet." As in, exactly like AOJ. Which is a little weird. I mean, who would take the time to ape a relatively unknown pop back from a couple decades back? Seriously.

Love Lost for Blood Lust
As it turns out, Bobgoblin is AOJ. Or, more accurately, AOJ was a renamed Bobgoblin. For a while. And to give full context, the AOJ album I reviewed (and still love, obviously) was from 2000. So despite its wacktoid pop tendencies, that sucker has survived the test of time for my ears.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, this album varies little from the sound set down ages ago. It could have been recorded a day later. The songs are different, but the kinda goofy sound (guitar, bass, swoopy keyboards, punchy drums) is identical. And still intoxicating.

I'm kinda shocked. This is the sort of kicky pop-rock that I usually dismiss as cotton candy. Something ephemeral that will fade after a few listens. I just happen to know that isn't true. There's something to these earworms that makes them more durable.

Just get me some new stuff sooner than 16 years from now, okay? I'm all for sharing great music with my (potential) grandkids, but I'm also greedy enough to want some all to myself. It's always great to encounter old friends--especially when you want them to visit more often.

Jon Worley

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