Jesse Davis Selkirk (Sleepwreck) belongs to that set of electronic artists who view collage much the way most of us view breathing. You know, I think he does it without even thinking. He could do it in his sleep. Much like the Chemical Brothers, he doesn't hide the seams while managing to make these four pieces sound almost analog.

Disasterpiece EP
(East Van Digital)
Or, at least, the work of a band. The four tracks here cover a wide range of moods, proving that Selkirk is willing to step outside of his personal comfort zone. Indeed, all of these songs present a challenge to listeners. Attention is mandatory.

The four songs clock in at a generous 20-minutes plus. There's plenty of opportunity for immersion, and even more to stoke anticipation of a longer effort. Take the deep dive. It's more than worth the risk.

Jon Worley

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