Positively Denton

Relick absolutely craves references to the Beatles. Who doesn't? But this Denton band tries salt its press with Fab Four references at every turn. Crap! They got me, too!

Twin House EP
Yes, this is immaculately-crafted pop music. Intricate without getting too stylized. The sound is impressive. And Amber Nicholson's brassy-yet-refined vocals are stunning. My immediate point of reference, however, was different. I heard the Neko Case-fronted New Pornographers songs.

Relick is a bit more restrained than that, but Nicholson's vocals combine an astonishing raw power with trained skill. She can do a lot more than wail. And these songs are a lot more than jaunts in the park. There's some serious depth here.

This is just the beginning. But if Relick can sustain this excellence over the course of a full album (and a few more after that), this story is going to be long and satisfying.

Jon Worley

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