Three songs of electro pop-rock bliss. This sounds a lot like some of the stuff my kids are listening to, except that there's much more density. Every melody has a counterpoint, and there are plenty of contrarian lines throughout. So, it's ruminative as well as peppy and catchy.

Shapes on Tape
No Bummers EP
I mean, that's what the title implies, right? Unlike a lot of more ephemeral pop music, these songs have some heft. I think they'll stand up to repeat listens quite nicely. To be more precise, these songs will be leaving smiles for some time to come.

Sometimes there's not a lot more to say. The songs aren't profound, but they're filling nonetheless. Jason Matuskiewicz and Adam Kruckenberg have found a nice little niche for their music. Now the trick is to see if these good feelings can extend to a full album. Here's hoping.

Jon Worley

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