Internal ramble

Ferro is the guitarist for Ranch Ghost (apparently the present tense remains appropriate), but here he steps out entirely on his own. As in, every sound on this album is his.

Andy Ferro
(Rough Beast)
After a few seconds, I immediately flashed to the brilliant Kristofferson tribute album, The Risin' Cost of Livin' High and Lovin' Hard. Ferro's songs have that offhanded feel that make Kristofferson's work so appealing, and he comes at these ideas in the sideways fashion of the bands on that album.

I don't think this is an intentional technique; It's really hard to pull a full-on meta commentary on one's own ideas. Also, Ferro is only 24. This apparent conversation with his own mind is just how he is. Which is kind of amazing all in itself.

The quiet nature of these songs belies their strength. Ferro usually sets a modest beat with some sort of sound, starts strumming his guitar, sings a bit and then adds a few things later. Those "things" can be almost any sort of sound, and they add a texture and style that makes these songs glow. Even as they lurch toward some wrenching conclusion.

I'd say this is one of those sneaky good albums, except that it grabbed my ears immediately. And really, I think first impressions are important here. If you're intrigued, there's a high chance you'll fall in love. Leave yourself open, and the damnedest things can happen.

Jon Worley

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