Good and loud

Three guys from Denver who know from noise and power. Is it punk? Is it stoner rock? Hard to say.

Cult of the Lost Cause
Is it great? Undeniably.

A long time ago, someone asked me why I listened to so much loud music. "Aren't you smarter than that?" was the question, I think. As if there is inherent stupidity in being loud. These days, of course, it's probably easier than ever to make that assumption (just look at the GOP presidential field). And yet, it's still wrong.

These boys remind me a lot of Don Caballero--especially the kinetic rhythm section. Well, and the proggy way all three members play off each other. Sure, they fuzz out and blast away from time to time. But the bones are exquisite.

Any music that never shifts dynamic or intensity gets dull fast. Keep throwing straight 100 mph fastballs and batters will catch on. So you've got to vary your approach. Cult of the Lost Cause tells enthralling stories--without words--by fully fleshing out its ideas.

Yeah, this is loud. Mostly. Plenty of fuzz. Lots of stuff to get the blood going. But your brain will appreciate the delicate way these boys craft their tales. Don't worry. The adrenaline will flow just as easily. Why listen to loud music? Listen to this, and you tell me.

Jon Worley

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