Grrl group

Three ladies seamlessly merge early 60s girl group pop with 90s riot grrl sensibilities. Holy smokes!

Night School
The sound is much more 60s than 90s, though the fuzzy guitars are a great touch. If you've ever wondered what Phil Spector's stuff would have sounded with distortion replacing the reverb, Night School is a great place to start.

The songs themselves are beautiful gems, honed to a rough grace. The melodies are deceptively simple, and the songs themselves unfold in slightly unexpected ways. The deft undercutting of traditional pop is yet another stylish turn that warms my ears.

Lovely and engaging, this album trips and gallops along with surprising glee. If Blush doesn't bring a smile to your face, you should seek professional help. Night School may just be starting, but this album shows that the trio has already arrived.

Jon Worley

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