Rob Crow by any other name . . . is still awesome

Somewhat succinctly described as "Rob Crow's metal band" (a description at least as apt as calling Moistboyz "Dean Ween's metal band"), this is the latest release for Crow (billed here as "Lord Phallus") and friends. It sounds like. . .Rob Crow's metal band. Which is to say, it sounds awesome.

Goblin Cock
(Joyful Noise)
Each song kicks off with a doomy/old school death metal riff, and then the usual Crowian nerd prog takes over. Sometimes the metal riffage makes its way back to the fore, and sometimes it doesn't. At times, this sounds a lot like what I might have imagined a Heavy Vegetable/Edge of Sanity mashup might have been. Again, awesomeness personified.

I've been a fan of Crow pretty much since I started A&A 25 years ago. I like the way he noodles away just about every coherent thought before scrambling to tie everything up by the end of the song. This is certainly louder and more metallic than Pinback, but it's also inimitably Crow.

Which is to say, um, awesome. Listen, either you get Rob Crow or you don't. He's been burbling around the indie scene since forever, and chances are you've heard something he's done. For me, it was love at first listen. I can distinguish the ups and downs--and this is certainly one of his sillier projects--but I love hearing the open path to his id.

Goblin Cock isn't serious about anything except the music. The music slays. The lyrics are generally absurd. The title of this album is brilliant. And while perhaps this isn't white-hot Crow, it certainly has him blasting away in fine form. Grow out what hair you have left and start thrashing!

Jon Worley

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