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There are all sorts of ways to sell your music. The Black Black has decided to make its new EP a t-shirt. Seriously. If you buy a t-shirt, then you get a download. This is absolutely brilliant. Imagine how many more millions of albums Iron Maiden would have sold with this concept. Okay, you can also just get the download, but come on. You know you want the shirt.

The Black Black
Adjusted I EP
(Money Fire)
I'm not joking, at least about the brilliance of the idea. The Black Black is also pretty great as well. Imagine the no wave attitude of, say, U.S. Maple combined with a bare-bones level of melody. There are also notes of Jesus Lizard, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Brainiac bouncing around . . . wait, weren't these guys born in the 90s? What gives?

I don't know. But these four sinewy tracks are so viciously insistent that I'm not too worried about their relative youth. Some kids grow up listening to good music. My own boys are conversant with the Rainmakers, Edge of Sanity and Kepone. Which doesn't exactly make them the coolest kids at school, but at least they know from good music.

As this EP rolls along, it occurred to me that I just might have found another band to obsess over. I'll have to wait for another release to be sure, but for now I can say that this is the best t-shirt I've ever heard in my life. Bravo.

Jon Worley

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