Far afield

I've got this category on my iTunes called "Unclassifiable." It really should be "crazy shit," but I try not to judge. Although, in all honesty, a lot of my favorite music falls into the "crazy shit" category. Reconnaissance Fly is definitely unclassifiable, but it is hardly crazy. I love it to pieces anyway.

Reconnaissance Fly
Off By One EP
Be forewarned: the band roams in a frighteningly high number of regions, and at least one of those will really piss you off. There is an improvisational nature to most of these pieces (the ones involving poetry or nonsense vocals are sometimes called "spongs," though I will stick to more conventional nomenclature), but the final result has been boiled down and reduced to a tight weave.

Is it jazz? In terms of instrumentation, yes. In terms of sound? Sometimes.

Is it prog? Sometimes.

Is it experimental? Sometimes. I'm sticking with unclassifiable, though to be honest, ascribing a genre to someone's music is probably the least necessary part of any analysis. And with its unusual instrumentation, song structure and general attitude, Reconnaissance Fly is more conducive to analysis than most bands.

This one hits the mind slower than the bloodstream, though I must admit the loopy prog jazz did tickle my mind pretty quickly. If you're open to the unclassifiable, these folks more than fit the bill. Out there, and yet accessible. Happy times.

Jon Worley

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