Occasional purpose

Those seeking coherence ought to look elsewhere. Knola does ground its songs in rhythms, but those rhythms pulse sporadically. The general noise level rests pleasantly at excessive.

To the Rhythm
(Skeletal Lightning)
I haven't heard a band with such a debt to Slint in some time. Knola is generally more propulsive, but the apparent disinterest in conventional song structure (or chords, at times) has a definite Spiderland feel.

Very, very Touch and Go-ian, in any case. That's one of my sweet spots, so it's no surprise that this knocked me out. But raucous and purposefully meandering noise rock has charms aplenty for the regular universe. Apart from the odd "Now, who did I see at that Don Cab show back in 1994?" thoughts, these pieces foster a fertile creative atmosphere. Ideas come to grow here.

And there is plenty of beauty within the often tripped-up rhythms. Not pretty; not by any stretch of the imagination. But real beauty.

I know, my head is lost in the good old days. But Knola has brought them forward and done them a solid. Play this loud.

Jon Worley

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