Once more from Dorset

Gris-de-Lin has connections (she works with many top-notch producers on these four tracks), but her talent far surpasses any insider knowledge. There may be only four tracks here, but their breadth is almost overwhelming.

The Kick EP
(Noisy Little Birds/BB*Island)
Plying the same eclectic/anthemic territory as PJ Harvey, Kate Bush or Tori Amos, Gris-de-Lin creates her sound with samples and real instruments. She layers her vocals, but that's just another part of the arranging process. And while I did make reference to other artists at the top of the paragraph, Gris-de-Lin doesn't sound like anyone else. These pieces are unique.

They're also accessible as hell. Catchy? Not so much, although "Your Ghost" won't be leaving my head for a while. These songs are immediately arresting, but their power comes through in repeat listens. Very few artists have the power to capture both those into immediate gratification and those who are more patient. This EP does so in seemingly effortless fashion.

Another hurrah for the EP movement. This set is damned near perfect. I'm salivating for more, but I'll be feasting on these treats for some time to come.

Jon Worley

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