Still cookin'

Harmann is one of those artists who keeps sending me stuff because I always seem to say nice things. Probably because he rarely repeats himself, and the chances he takes almost always pay off.

Daniel G. Harmann
Slowing Down
(Hello Tower)
I'm usually not a big fan of layered, pretentious pop music. And Harmann is not just ambitious; there's an arrogant sweep to his sound. This only works if an artist can walk the walk. And Harmann has been proving himself worthy for ages.

The title of this album is in reference to his turning 40 (why, he's just a pup!). He may feel like he is slowing down physically, but the fire within his music has just started burning. Indeed, this is another step in the maturation of an already fertile musical mind.

Harmann does announce his presence with authority, and really, he has every right to do so. These songs never fail to deliver on the promise of their openings. It doesn't matter where the rock lands in a particular song; Harmann knows how to fit all the pieces together, and he does so with almost blinding intensity and energy. Even the slower and softer pieces here are almost too hot to touch.

So Harmann will probably keep sending me his stuff, and I'll probably continue to write nice things about it. The thing about symbiotic relationships is that they're mutually beneficial. In this case, Harmann's music is beneficial for just about everyone. Jump in anywhere and enjoy the flow.

Jon Worley

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