Greasy gold

Squalls of guitar, followed by greasy licks and thick beats. That's a forecast I can get behind. The Begowatts infuse their sound with so much swagger that it's hard to separate the attitude from the music.

Probably shouldn't, either. These boys sound like the bastard child of Circus of Power and Urge Overkill (Touch and Go version). Take a large dose of Don't Give a Shit and turn it up to 11.

Which would mean nothing if the songs weren't real blasty. No worries there. The Begowatts refuse to complicate their formula, and so the sound is completely unencumbered by subtlety or grace. Just thick, raw power.

So, yeah, this reaches back at least to the Stooges. I'm not saying these boys are anywhere near as good as any of the bands I've referenced, but they've got some real potential. And they certainly have the strut, which is a great start.

Quite the wallow. You'll need a shower when you're done, but Begowatts leave no regrets. Just a smeary stain.

Jon Worley

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