New Nash

Just in case you thought Nashville was a one-horse town, here's Birdtalker. There are a few roots showing here and there, but these songs fall decidedly into the rock and roll camp. Whatever that might mean these days.

Just This EP
The main draw here is the husband and wife team of Dani and Zack Green, who serve as singers and songwriters for the band. The songs are tailored to their voices (the first track is a capella, in fact), and the vocals key just about every move the music makes.

I'm usually not a fan of that sort of construction, as most folks don't have enough depth to their vocals to carry a band. The Greens, however, weave some amazing tapestries. Generally they sing in unison (Dani an octave above), but they throw in some textured harmonies at unexpected moments. The effect is both jarring and thrilling.

Birdtalker is at once unique and well-worn. That sort of fresh-faced comfort in their sound ought to wear well. This beautiful EP is a fine way to start.

Jon Worley

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