Used, not old

A long-time rock and roll survivor, Phil Gammage has dropped a new set of noir americana. Gammage found minor fame with Certain General, an NYC proto-punk outfit that never quite broke through. His solo works have received plenty of critical acclaim, though commercial success has been elusive.

Phil Gammage
Used Man for Sale
Gammage (and Certain Damage) have never played music straight. This set is a gothic take on 50s country and rock-tinged americana. Got that? Imagine Flat Duo Jets played without irony, but with an underhanded arty menace. Damn, I think my descriptions are headed straight down the rabbit hole.

Gammage's throaty vocals and adventurous take on roots music have brought plenty of references to Nick Cave, but Gammage plays this stuff far more straight. The unease in these songs is an undercurrent, not laid on top (like Cave prefers). Keep listening and the shivers will arrive.

There are so many layers and ideas burning through these songs, but they sound so simple. While enjoyable on its own surface merits, Used Man for Sale really takes off with repeat visits. There's something going on, for sure.

Jon Worley

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