City of charms

Red Sammy is the outlet for singer/songwriter Adam Trice. He's been growling around Baltimore for ages, and each album tends to veer in a different direction. On this set, Trice is rejoined by John Decker and his resonator guitar, a pairing that always makes me smile.

Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers
True Believer
Heading a bit more into straight americana, Trice has also recruited Sarah Kennedy on violin and Julia Wen on cello to provide a fuller acoustic sound. Kennedy and Wen may be classically trained, but they adapt well to the folk settings in these songs. They provide a wonderful depth.

Trice is not content to stand still, and I think that need to explore and experiment has probably retarded his reknown. But that restlessness is what drives his songs, and it's one of the reasons I like hearing just about anything he sends. Each album is another section of a larger tapestry.

This may be one of the more accessible Red Sammy albums--and they're all pretty easy going down. Trice is in good voice, and his arrangements here are stark, yet warm. His voice plays off the resonator better than ever. If you haven't given Red Sammy a spin yet, this is a fine place to start.

Jon Worley

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