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A collection of Chicago talent, Air Credits consists of ShowYouSuck flowing over the beats and mayhem of The Hood Internet. Musically, this sucker is all over the place, referencing just about every sound imaginable.

Air Credits

The album itself is a loose ramble through pop culture wreckage. The conceit is that of an eternal Trump administration and what might transpire within. But this subject is treated lightly, and in the hands of ShowYouSuck and his over-the-top cultural references (he might drop obscurity even more deftly than Dennis Miller).

Not many MCs would name-drop Hall and Oates, Depeche Mode and the like. But that's how this album rolls. Just when you think you know what's going on, the music spins in a different direction, and the rhymes follow. Take "GG Told Me," a gurgle of Floydian reggae that does, in fact, use G.G. Allin as a reference point.

After that is "All I Need, Pt. 1," which is probably the focal point of the whole album. The references flow fast and furious, and the song builds to an improbable climax. If you can't get behind that song, I can't help you.

Absolutely breathless. My first take was one of wonderment, and I put the album aside for a couple of days to make sure I felt the same way after that initial rush. Yep. Moreso. Too much is never enough.

Jon Worley

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