Straight outta Saskatchewan

This latest iteration of Slow Down Molasses finds the Saskatoon crew spinning down and embracing both feedback and reverb. This is a bit too peppy for me to call shoegaze, but I compared to previous efforts I guess that kinda fits.

Slow Down Molasses
100% Sunshine
(Noyes Records)
Sideways, anyway. SDM retains plenty of Superchunk-y crackle even as it drenches its guitars in effects. These kicky pieces move along with alacrity, and their drone-like hooks tend to blister.

Lotsa lovely noise, in any case. This band has cycled through members and sounds over the years (it seems that every Saskatoon musician of a certain age has done time with SDM, but that is a vast overstatement, of course), and I think I like where they've ended up here. Not spectacular, exactly, but immensely pleasing.

I'm not entirely sure about the press release stating that this is the sound of the Canadian prairie, but if that's what this is, then I'm all for it. Exceptionally fine.

Jon Worley

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